Tips to Make Your Business Card a Stand-Out

First impressions are crucial. After leaving that potential client, you hope you’ve clearly communicated who you are and what you are about.

But the rest is in their hands.


Cazue Web Design and Marketing have 5 tips for a great business card on their site. We want to highlight a few of them:

1. Leave a lasting impression

2. Have them professionally done

3. Present the information clearly

After consulting with TrueNorth Insurance and Financial Strategies, we developed an innovative idea for their business cards. One of this week’s many projects at Rausch included recording and editing another segment of video business cards for TrueNorth insurance specialists. These 30 second clips will be placed under their staff bios on a new website soon. Still following the print business card guidelines, they will leave an impression, have been professionally produced, and hold exceptional clarity, both in picture and content.


The future of business cards in this digital age is unknown, but it’s a good idea to consider adding digital content to your wallet-size print artifact. Perhaps a QR code or a video card? It’s hard to know when the well-oiled parts of a business card will be replaced, but a digital card could be in our future.

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