Reasons Rausch loves RAGBRAI

We are mere days away from another highly anticipated and celebrated bike race across IowaScreen Shot 2013-07-15 at 1.44.11 PM


RAGBRAI ((Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa)) begins Sunday and Rausch Productions is excited to be in attendance with two of our LED screens for the big week.

From a live-event and video production company, here are just a few reasons we get excited for RAGBRAI: 


1. They’ve set up a digital experience where fans can visit their website starting Saturday to see twitter feeds and live concert streaming, among other things.

2. There’s an app for that! ((click here)) Download the RAGBRAI app for overnight town information, weather forecasts, photo galleries, and social media.

3. Using #RAGBRAI, we can follow the people you meet and the things you eat. Maybe consider making short videos and putting them all together like this:

4. This is an event you engage with; an event that is welcomed and embraced by all ages, interests and skill levels. Whether you ride as a family and camp out together, or stay in hotel rooms with friends and attend each concert – RAGBRAI will be whatever you make of it. We guarantee it will be memorable.

5. It goes without saying that RAGBRAI is more than your average daily work out. Need some music to keep you peddling? We recommend small, portable speakers. That way you can leave the headphones at home to get the full experience, yet keep jammin’.

6. None of this would be possible without months of preparation. Did you know the RAGBRAI team does an entire run-through, riding across the state and meeting with representatives in each town? RAGBRAI is a great example of a well-executed event with a team that is prepared, communicates well, and loves what they do.


With more than 40 years of riding across Iowa, we know that next week’s RAGBRAI will follow their tradition of success.

One thought on “Reasons Rausch loves RAGBRAI

  1. Reblogged this on Anne Squared and commented:
    RAGBRAI XLI – July 21-27, 2013… The event is annual, the preparations are ongoing, and people are starting to arrive from around the country, around the world. The riders are friends and family, professionals (yes, Lance is coming back again this year) and newbies. Why else would there be the “sag wagons”? These folks are excited – they are a video production company with apps and feeds and all sorts of fun stuff for the high tech riders. (I think they get paid for their work… 🙂 )
    So WordPress readers that are riding – take a look! Or if you are like me, and a writer/reader that will be reading… I guess we stay tuned. I hope they are wise enough to keep an eye on history in the making and watch Kresser and his attempt to run RAGBRAI. Kresser is also on Twitter, @runningRAGBRAI.
    As an observer, I am more interesting in the news – by definition NEW information – than by sensational – Lance, he has “been here, done that. Lets have him run the length of the state. Or better yet, meet Kesser’s goal for the Veteran’s Home.
    (Note to participants and watchers – famous people have doubles – so if you think it is someone famous, it may not be. That is how it worked the last time I was there.)

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