Apps for Your Next Road Trip

We love a good road trip just like the next person. Working in live event production has given us the opportunity to travel all over the state, as well as to the tips of the country. We were in 7 cities in 7 days this summer, with an upcoming road trip to Florida!


In the age of apps, here is what we don’t leave home without:


Google Maps (free): I would recommend calling it quits with the GPS that so faithfully helped guide you in the past. Google Maps has a simple user interface, updated maps, travel time, and voice guided navigation. You can also search for near-by restaurants or stores, complete with reviews.

Instagram (free): Let your friends and family follow along with your adventures and daily happenings using Instagram. Instagram (click to visit ours!) allows you to take pictures, add one of 17 artistic photo filters, and easily share your photos on other social media platforms. You’ll enjoy having them to look back on when you pull into your driveway and want to relive your road trip.

Spotify: If there isn’t time to burn a CD with road trip jams – don’t fret. You can focus on the other details, then open up your Spotify premium app and still hear all your favorite music. Chances are you listen to Spotify from your computer, but now you can make it mobile and stream unlimited and ad free music. For less than $10/month, this investment will make your road trip rockin’.

GasBuddy (free): For a practical and money saving app, download GasBuddy. Users update their area with current gas prices, so you can not only locate gas stations near you but also compare prices. Once you search for cheap gas near you, GasBuddy will also guide you there.

Don’t worry, we don’t leave home without our trailers packed and ready, too.



See you on the road.

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