New and Exciting Opportunities here at Wired Production Group

By Lauren Schmitz

In one of our recent blog posts about event lighting ideas, we briefly mentioned how projection mapping could be utilized as an exciting and innovative way to light up an event. So, what is projection mapping, and how can we assist you in using it for your next event?

The technology uses specialized playback software and projectors to display still and video content, but there’s a twist. Instead of projecting onto a traditional flat screen, we can now project onto three-dimensional objects, such as buildings, stage set pieces, sculptures—the possibilities are endless! 


A recent trade show booth of ours where we showcased projection mapping on large cubes.

Projection mapping has actually been in use for several years, but primarily for large-scale, high-dollar events. It became mainstream in 2012 after Madonna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show. Since then, interest has exploded, technology and techniques have developed, and the list of applications has multiplied. The Internet is full of great videos and examples of projection mapping to inspire your next event. Here’s a brainstorming guide to projection mapping.

Why Explore Projection Mapping?

The consumer’s average attention span is at an all-time-low of 8 seconds. Being able to quickly and firmly capture your audience’s attention is not only important, it’s vital. Projection mapping can provide a solution. It has the ability to engage both audio and visual senses. Studies have shown that the more senses that you engage, the more likely the audience is to remember something. Projection mapping is a unique and eye-catching way to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Projection Mapping is the way to go for your next concert, festival, or conference because it can turn anything (literally) into an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind art installation with unlimited possibilities.

Bringing it to You

Wired Production Group, a full-service event production company, has added projection mapping to our broad list of services. As the premier event provider in Iowa and the Midwest, we want to provide our clients with the opportunity to utilize this amazing emerging event trend.

A corporate client recently enlisted WPG to produce an awards ceremony at the Paramount Theater in downtown Cedar Rapids. The client wanted to do something “different”, and we had just the solution. For this event, we used mapping to project photos, animations, lights and videos onto an array of spheres suspended above the stage. The thirteen inflatable orbs ranged in size from 3’ to 10’ in diameter. Several weeks of editing, animating, programming and testing went into the project, including the construction of a quarter-scale mock-up. The event went off without a hitch, and the technology performed flawlessly. We were elated with the result—and more importantly—so was our client!

Consider projection mapping for your next concert, festival, conference or other event. Turn anything (literally) into an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind video installation. Contact us to explore the possibilities of this exciting, innovative technology.

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