5 Ideas to Innovatively Light Up Your Next Event

By Mackenzie Moffitt

Here at Rausch Productions, we are creative problem solvers and artists. What this means is that when we begin the early stages of helping our clients plan events, we think outside of the box to create full-service event solutions that are stunning and unique. One of the best ways to do this is by making use of our lighting designers and equipment in ways that are new and match the ambience of what our clients are looking for. Lighting can make or break an event, so we have compiled five different ways that you light up an event that you may not have previously considered.

  1. String Lights: Perfect for creating an intimate setting that’s reminiscent of old time bistros, these lights have been popular for years making guests feel at home in event settings. Not to mention, their photogenic elements leave you with sparkly post-event keepsakes. Their versatility is also a bonus; string lights come in an array of different sizes, shapes, and styles and can be used for everything from a faux, starry ceiling, to a photo backdrop, to lining a perimeter. For a rustic feel, get Edison style string lights, which are made of clear glass and show the filament inside. If you’re worried about conserving power, string lights can be found in wireless, battery operated versions, or LED, to help you avoid venue power consumption costs.

    String lights add a nuanced ceiling to this jazzy event.
  2. Uplighting: This style of lighting can change a room in an easy, but dramatic way. Placing a few around the perimeter of a room, these lights spray light upwards across the wall to create an elegant feel. The other appealing factor to consider with uplighting is the variety of colors that can be found. These lights come in colors that can match the color palette of your event and can create a “moody” feel that instantly takes an event to the next level. Similarly to string lights, they come in both AC powered and wireless options, increasing their versatility.

    Uplighting behind a drape creates a fun gradient effect on stage at this event.
  3. Video Projection: Also known as projection mapping, this unique way of creating lighting in an event space uses projectors to cast light or images across the walls or ceilings. Projectors are not limited to screens and can, in fact, project any sort scene into your venue. Imagine having a ceiling of northern lights dancing over your guests during your next holiday party. This is a solution that is sure to “wow” your guests and is only limited by your imagination.

    The projection mapping of this plane was done by Broad Bean Events. More of their work can be seen here.
  4. Gobos: Want to display a specific message on the wall at your event? Gobos are discs that are crafted to do this very thing. They can be created with vector logos, images, or words and are placed over a light to project the content on the wall. These are great ways to display your event hashtag in order to get your guests involved and keep them active in sharing your event on social media.

    The Good Morning Cedar Rapids logo on the wall is one of our recent Gobo installations.
  5. LED: Another versatile option, LED panels can be arranged in any sort of configuration and ranges of size. Rather than using LED panels to show a video, you could use them simply to set a colored light source behind the stage of your event. This is great for large events where you want major impact.
    This staging set up utilizes LED pillars to form a geometric light source that provides a creative backdrop for the band.

    These five lighting ideas are not mutually exclusive and can be combined in an endless array of options. The next time that you’re designing an event, be sure to give us a call to discuss the possibilities to make it shine!

One thought on “5 Ideas to Innovatively Light Up Your Next Event

  1. Thanks for going over some cool lighting ideas for events. I personally like the idea of up lighting and how it can create such a moody feel to it. It also seems like a nice way to add visual interest to whatever the performance will be and capture a unique feel to it.

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