Midwest Video Production for Businesses

Wired Production Group is more than just an event production company. One of our many facets is video production and the majority of what we do is for our corporate clients. We have done everything from promotional commercials to event recaps to informational videos for trade shows and to be shown at events.

Our videographers are top notch and do exceptional work to create engaging and informative videos. From drafting a script to shooting footage to creating graphics and editing, we ensure that the same level of creativity and quality that we put into our event productions goes into each video that we make.

The videos below are some recent ones that we’ve done. Please feel free to watch and share our work!

Clark Orthodontics: When Clark Orthodontics asked us to make a video for them, we had to overcome the challenge of portraying one thing that most people hate – going to the dentist or orthodontist. We decided that the best way to do this was to take a fun and light-hearted approach by having some of their younger patients tell us exactly what they love about Clark! This helped us showcase their friendly nature and business model.

Alliant Energy: In this informational video, we had to find an innovative solution to a subject matter that could easily make for a boring video. When we drafted this script, we knew that we wanted to make a funny video that would still contain the message in a short amount of time. The end result was the perfect balance of professionalism and humor.

Tanager Place: Making a video about the Expressive Arts therapy program at Tanager Place provided us with a unique challenge due to the sensitive nature of what they do. We had to find a way to portray the emotional aspect of this program while protecting the identities the patients that they see. Our creative solution was to film the art in unique and interesting ways while telling the story through audio. We found the end result to be visually appealing while maintaining the sense of discretion that was necessary.

America’s River Festival: While it’s one thing for us to tell people that there’s a lot of work that goes into producing a music festival, we find its better to show them. This timelapse shows a start to finish time-lapse of exactly what goes into putting on your favorite concerts.

As you can see, we have done a variety of videos for a number of different clients and events. If you liked these videos, please check out our Vimeo page for more.

Our videographers take pride in their work and we feel that it shows in the final product. Please do not hesitate to call Wired Production Group the next time you find yourself needing a video for your company!

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