Event takeaways? Here’s some ideas

What do you want the attendees to take away from your event?  A message or a feeling is one thing, but what about something more tangible?

Business men and women would most likely enjoy a high quality pen or a pocket calendar with your logo on it.  These items are used on a daily basis: in a meeting, in the line of a grocery store, at a restaurant, etc.  Not only are they useful merchandise that your attendee will love you for handing out at no cost to them, but it’s free publicity for your company or organization.

So now that we have Generation X and the Baby Boomers covered, what about those Millennials?  A pen may be useful every now and then, but a pocket calendar is close to obsolete for the younger generation… that’s what an iPhone is for, right? This crowd wants to see social media trends.  Their takeaways are in the form of a picture posted on Instagram with your event’s personalized #hashtag in the caption, or a “sick” new water bottle with a design as unique as those EOS lip balm balls everyone recently fell in love with.  That Instagram photo probably received a handful of likes in a matter of a few minutes and reached an audience of hundreds, based on the number of followers that one attendee has.  That water bottle will be walked through the various halls of multiple colleges and high schools in your area, taken to the gym and gawked over by his or her envious peers that are jealous they didn’t make an appearance at your event. You’ve started a new trend, gotten your name out across various social media platforms and into conversations you weren’t a part of before, and you are now the hip new thing that everyone between the ages of 15 and 28 want to be a part of.  pepsi_stream.jpgStrea.ma has taken social media interaction above and beyond at past events we have put on.  This live feed combines tweets, Instagrams and Facebook posts all into a collage that is customizable to the colors and theme of your company or event.  Not only were the attendees able to see what others at the event were saying, but everybody’s followers got a look into the fun that was taking place and word spread like wildfire that anyone who wasn’t in attendance was surely missing out.

If you want to see some statistics about what Millennials look for in events, check out this article on BizBash, or contact us directly to chat about how to bridge the gap between the generations and attract all ages to your events!



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