February in Florida

3 shows,
in 2 days,
in 1 state that’s 1,200 miles away… where do we even start?


Last weekend, most of our staff had the opportunity to enjoy a warmer climate for a few days. Traveling to several cities in Florida, we had the pleasure of working with TIGI and Rockwell Collins in both Miami and Orlando. While a great deal of the technical work went into the long nights and elaborate shows onsite, there was a significant amount of legwork coordinating the schedules- what to load how, what should be where, who should be where, who should be what, cars, hotels, flights, etc. But the orchestrated efforts resulted in successful shows, safe travels and happy clients. Exactly the way we like to do business.

(The only disappointing part was that NO ONE snuck empanadas back in their suitcases for the rest of the team.)

EOTYEngineer of the Year Banquet

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