Our recent discovery of a website that overviews new and emerging technology resulted in a handful of ideas that would be both beneficial and extremely fun to use as a company. PSA: Careful before you visit this vortex of innovative information, you’ll be lost in these articles for at least an hour.

  1. Live streaming your whiteboard

    First of all, our production crew is always on the move.  No matter how many times we attempt to implement a stand-up meeting every morning at 8:30 sharp, the idea gets lost among the scattering of our team across the nation week to week.  These meetings are crucial in the event industry because we like the whole crew to be on the same page.  Technology such as this would make it a breeze to include everyone in our morning stand-ups. 

  2. DJI Matrice 600

    Before you say “what?”, DJI is a Chinese technology company that specializes in aerial photography and videography vehicles.  They released a new drone this week that is everything we’ve ever dreamed of… be sure to watch the video footage in the linked article!

  3. Lytro Cinema

    One word: Epic.

  4. Smoovie

    In response to the popular selfie stick craze a company has come up with a reasonably priced gimbal for your smartphone.  In a little over a month, people will be able to steady out videos taken on their smartphones for under $20.  Though this isn’t professional level it will definitely step up the average iPhone videographer’s game.


Click here >>> GizMag <<< if you have the morning to kill!


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