Setting The Stage For A Great Presentation

Another great article about what to be mindful of when you are setting the stage for a presentation. It highlights important items that may seem like areas to eliminate from your budget, until you sit down and see what value they bring to the event. If you can’t see or hear the message, what’s the point?


A few other items that we discuss with clients that were not mentioned come from the presenters perspective.

  • How are they most comfortable on stage delivering their presentation? An addition like a presentation monitor provide them with a view of their presentation deck without rubbernecking to the side screens. Also in their plain view, but hidden from the audience, would be a presentation timer to keep their timing in line with the (thoughtful and well-planned) agenda. A third option would be a teleprompter. With intense, long speeches, or just a presenter who prefers to have their notes, a teleprompter can add that sense of security to enhance message delivery and presentation performance. Successful message delivery comes from a comfortable, dynamic presenter!
  • Based on sight lines, capacity and presenter comfort, sometimes rigging equipment is the best option. A stage wash causing a presenter to squint, screens blocked by attendees heads, or increased capacity that eliminates the ability to project from the ground are all scenarios that open the conversation up to discuss rigging. And while it increases expenses, it also ensures that you’ve set the stage for an effective presentation space.

There are a significant amount of factors that play into a presentation, and while some details may seem small or not applicable, chances are they are important. The best approach is to disclose all of the details that will occur during the program, on or off stage, as it all impacts the success of the show.

Read the 8 “Setting the Stage” tips here.

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