When the Dust Settles

October can be a scary and exciting month. Because we are super fans of the Halloween Holiday? No. Because in those 31 days alone, we accomplish the following:

Our system listed 56 events
20 events were 2-day
4 events were 3- day
2 events were 5- day
6 days shooting video

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The Padzilla made its debut at several events

We incorporated strea.ma in social media heavy environments boosting attendee interaction

Guy Fieri topped our celebrity list

We worked both sides of the political circuit

But it’s also the month we look forward to the most. We know it will test our limits, see what we are capable of, provide us with new challenges and in the end, exhaust us. But when the dust settles at the beginning of November, we are stronger, smarter and better than we were just a few weeks before. We have information to dissect, decisions to evaluate and new ideas, to improve it all.

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