Where Will Video Be Next?

It looks like videos are becoming the new thing all across the board.  The video app Vine was launched early 2013, and Instagram (originally a photo-based app) shortly followed by integrating videos into their feeds.  BuzzFeed is a website which was created in 2006 and “focuses on tracking viral content and making things people wanted to share.”  More recently, they’ve come up with hilarious videos that attract a wide range of audiences and their main goal is just to make you laugh.

When you open your Facebook, your timeline is probably littered with videos about anything from the latest news to the amazing 6 year old boy who has a better voice than the world-wide superstar Justin Bieber.  Videos capture everyones attention, and whether they are 30 seconds or 3 minutes, they are entertaining and get the point across.

Check out this article from BizBash that talks about D.I.Y. video invitations: you’re saving trees by not printing out and mailing hundreds of invites on paper while also making your event or party unique and intriguing!  Video just keeps getting better and better.

Where do you think you’ll see video next?

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