Welcome to the team, Steven!

Recently, we brought Steven on as a new member of our team. At the time, the only position we technically had available was “intern” and so he was tagged as StevenHSsuch. The title barely applies. It is rare to find someone who lives up to the “whatever you need me to do” phrase. But those are exactly the type of people we want on our team, and Steven is a perfect fit. The second day on the job, we were waiting for a tech rehearsal to start when someone approached Steven and said “We don’t have any chairs back here….” Without hesitation, Steven responded “Absolutely, I’ll find those for you.” It didn’t occur to him to mention that it wasn’t his job/company/building/furniture/priority, because in the end, none of those things mattered. Someone needed help, and he could provide it.

He moves furniture, organizes cables, is our Scrum Master in stand-up ceremonies, loads and troubleshoots our show content, and listens to provide insightful feedback to improve internal processes. Every company has areas to improve in, and our first step, was finding the type of person that embodies one of our taglines “solutions provider”.  And we did, and we’re lucky. Welcome, Steven!

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