Our lesson from Father’s Day

With the passing of Father’s Day, it’s hard not to talk about our boss, Ron. He has, after all, earned his “father” badge seven times over. And if that’s not the first thing that is mentioned when introducing him in the office, the second thing is explaining how he supports all of us in putting family first. Last year alone, our small company of eight welcomed four new babies. If balancing the 450+ events we do a year isn’t enough, our full time staff simultaneously manages family life in the best way possible- flexing schedules to include baseball, softball, dance performances, TCR plays and school lunches. Ron reinforces that there’s no point of working hard, if you can’t enjoy life with your loved ones.

It is days like last Friday that reminds our whole office what being a father of seven looks like. With a lunch visit from his family, our office transformed into a restaurant and dance club within minutes.
The energy level was hard to deny, and the volume level impossible to escape. But, with the newest baby in arm, and the other six dancing and singing, Ron operated ‘business as usual’. He shopped, grilled, hosted, talked shop, and above all, was completely calm. While the seven paraded out singing, waving and yelling “thankYOUbyyyyyyeeee”, we were all left wondering “What just happened?!” And Ron looked at us to say “What? Next.”Now it all makes sense, he has eight of the most important clients at RonFamCollagehome. It explains why troubleshooting emergencies onsite is handled calmly, why the chaos doesn’t shake his demeanor, and why the stress of last minute changes seem easily manageable.  Our office is family-oriented not because it’s trendy, but because for Ron, family is indivisible from business, it’s who he is.  This is the element makes him the great business man we think of on Father’s Day.

**We need to mention the other fathers who build our business every day too, Doug, Rob, Alton and Eric- thank you!

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