Event Planning: All About the Legwork

I think when you really boil down to what event planning is, it’s all about the legwork. We often find ourselves in situations with clients, friends and family when we are responding with statements like “well, you can call this (person/place/thing)…” or “Check this site, then this one, then combine them, then call so-and-so to order it”. At the end of the day, it feels like we’ve sent our loved ones on a wild goose chase. But, when you step back and look at it all, that’s exactly what it is. The real question you have to ask yourself is: are you up for the chase?

There is no negative connotation that comes with the point in your professional career where you say, “me, handling this aspect, is not effective”. We all wear many hats, and we all take on more than we humanly should. And when it comes to event planning, it exceeds skill sets and stress levels and elevates you right up to that level of “UNCLE! UNCLE!”

So, what makes the additional investment in event management worth the price tag?

1. You are not doing the legwork, which means you can concentrate on other areas. A large percentage of clients we work with do a single, large-scale event a year OR they are managing an event on top of their regular responsibilities of their full time job. This drastic shift in focus can result in momentary suffering of another area of their life. Instead, keep your focus on the areas you aren’t able to delegate, and let a team provide you with results in the areas that you can using their tested resources.

2. You have employed the professionals, and with that come connections, experience, and expertise. In our field, working with event professionals means that person has been “doing the legwork” for YEARS! They have encountered a multitude of situations requiring research, troubleshooting and phone calls. Why duplicate the efforts when it has already been done for you? Reap the benefits of someone else’s hard work (for once!)

3. You, and your guests, will feel the consistency and cohesiveness of a single source of management. You’ve heard the phrase “The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing”? This phrase becomes apparent on a large scale when all of the moving pieces of an event are disjointed, and have not had clear communication. Streamlining details through one company ensures that all of these elements are working in concert.

The investment in event management services can be more affordable than you would expect. In light of the return on the investment that clients see, you could almost consider it “cheap”. Especially when you look back kindly on your event experience, and have all your hair, all while accepting those pats on the back that it was a job well done.

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