Video Production

As other small business owners probably understand, you can never know what the day will hold or what may come up. With the heavy lifting and unpredictable crises that come with the job, you may be confused and wonder why we love what we do at Rausch Productions.

A large part of what we do is this:


However, what began 13 years ago as a video production company has expanded into live-event production – including LED screens, and equipment rental. Being a small business, we are grateful for the flexibility to work with clients and adjust the services we offer to their unique needs. But we love when we are asked to make a video, bringing us back to our roots.


Today I was reminded what a privilege it is to work in an industry where we can produce videos. Videos have become a preferred means of marketing, advertising, and information spreading. But as this 3:00 minute clip will show you, videos also have a special and unmatched way of communicating and evoking emotions from viewers.

We’d love to hear why you do what you do.  Whether you’re a small business, athlete, parent, or part of a large corporation, why do you do what you do?

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