1,500 ft high // .25 miles across // 2 inch wide cable // multiple cameras

Nik Wallenda survived another of his daring feats last night. Wallenda crossed a gorge near the Grand Canyon on a two inch wide cable. He scaled the gorge for one-quarter mile at a height taller than the Empire State building, and did so without a harness or safety net.


The nation tuned in to the the Discovery Channel and followed all social media updates during the 2 hour program on Sunday night. We all let out a sigh of relief when Wallenda, wearing his special leather shoes, hopped from the cable to solid ground just 23 minutes after he began.

Beyond the skills of Wallenda, we noticed the impressive camera work used to track his progress. Wallenda wore 2 cameras, one looking straight ahead from his chest and the other focused on the ground far below him. We were able to watch Wallenda cross the cable from endless perspectives: his personal views, helicopter cameras circling him and a parallel wire with it’s own camera alongside him.

The multiple cameras added an artistic dimension and interest to the program, and could do the same for your event! We love to use more than one camera to span the crowd, track with your speaker, or zoom in on the piano keys. Below you can check out our LED screens showing two camera perspectives of David Nail at his concert during America’s River Festival.

ARF Concert 552

Also in our warehouses you can find wearable cameras, similar to the ones that Wallenda carried with him. Reserve them for your next adventure, capturing your hobbies from an exciting perspective.


You can read more here, or watch Wallenda’s walk here.

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