It started as just video…

Gloucester Image 1The events industry is always changing. But with the introduction of social media in the last few years, the industry is evolving at a quicker pace than ever before. And as Rausch started as a video company 10 years ago, today it involves much, much more than just video. Not too far of  reach from video however is our old friend “photography”. On a completely new level today than it was in the past, everyone attending events is a photography/videographer in their own regard. This recent post by Ellielucy of Events in a Nutshell elaborates on the newest social media platform that is a combination of all of these items- Eventsagram. Her explanation of the new app covers all bases well, no need to elaborate on our part. But as we’ve watched video turn into live webcasts, twitter feeds on all of our projection screens, and live polling at events, we know that while Ellielucy “had a feeling about this one“, we also know… it’s just a matter of time before we incorporate this at one of our events.


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