Lessons from IWLC

IWLC onstage interviewBeing onsite for a two-day conference, with setup and strike extending your stay a day or so longer, equates to several days of “lessons learned”. Regardless of how many events you have executed, and how many years of experience are under your belt, each event supplies at least one lesson you will take into your next event. Luckily for us, a good majority of the lessons we have learned in the last few days have been supplied by the great line-up of speakers at the Iowa Women’s Leadership Conference.

(See, one bonus of always being behind the curtain/camera/sound board/projection screen, is that you are also attending the event…. you’re usually just sweating for it.)

As the only woman in a company of all men, I found this conference particularly interesting. Not only did managing and executing several workshops within workshops provide a few lessons, but the schedule boasted big names and great speakers.  Some of the highlights included:

Dr. Bernice King

Martha Stewart and Tiffany O’Donnell

Lisa Bloom

Gloria Steinem

Others include: Benita Mosley, Justine Metz, Valerie Young, and Eleanor Clift

As we are wrapping up the final day, we have another four days of experience (and inspiration) under our belt for future clients.  (And lessons like: McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches are strangley motivating and yet, a crucial part of 15-hour days.)


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